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  • Ron Voller

Centennial of the Hooker telescope

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

A visit to the Carnegie Observatory offices and attending the celebration of the 100-inch telescope on Mount Wilson in 2017.

One of the unexpected joys of my journey into the world of Milton Humason has been meeting and befriending his granddaughter, Ann Humason Bernt, and her family. Among the great memories we have shared, the visit to Pasadena to help mark the day the telescope that opened our eyes to the scale and dynamic nature of the universe saw first light, stands out. On our visit, we were treated to a tour of the Carnegie offices on Santa Barbara Street by the chair of the Carnegie Histories, Cindy Hunt, and CO director, John Mulchaey, who set up a wonderful slide presentation in the Hale Library there. Later we attended the celebration of the telescope inside the 100-inch dome on Mount Wilson, hosted by George E. Hale's grandson, Sam. Among the highlights for me was meeting the author Dava Sobel who was a guest speaker at the event.

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