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Hubble, Humason and the Big Bang: The Race to Uncover the Expanding Universe. 

This book represents the culmination of 15 years of research at city and university libraries, observatories, interviews with dozens of people with relevant backgrounds and experience regarding the people and events in the story, books and slide catalogues. It has been the journey of a lifetime and nearly twenty years later I'm still discovering new information and anecdotes from this one-of-a-kind scientific duo.

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"Ron Voller does an excellent job of giving appropriate weight to the pair's findings...a very helpful source for someone attempting to dig into Hubble and Humason's work in some depth. Without...becoming too technical, it takes the reader through the detail of their discoveries..."

-- Brian Clegg, Popular Science, UK

Praise & Reviews

"Edwin Hubble has often been considered as an island of sorts - a lone wolf of astronomy. Ron Voller's book shows otherwise, as he examines Milt Humason's essential contributions to our understanding of the expanding universe."

-- Daniel Lewis, Dibner Senior Curator, History of Science & Technology, The Huntington Library

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