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Podcasts are an extremely popular way to have conversations about any subject of interest and make them available to people around the world. I really enjoy speaking with people and engaging them on various topics to gain their points of view while offering mine as well. It's a new world for me and I'm loving it!

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The Company Doctors

Tips on Publishing Your Book

A broad ranging talk with host Eileen Frere on everything from my early life and development as an artist to a discussion of my most recent book. Along the way we discuss the state of the publishing industry to writing strategies to tips on where and how to publish.

Research Labs

Exploring the Universe

I had a great chat with Prathamesh from his home base and studio in Delhi, India. In a nearly hour long interview we discussed my books and the implications of Big Bang cosmology on modern life.

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The Way in All Things

The Way of the Writer

A 90-minute conversation with Jake Trapp about how to decide on a topic for a book, research techniques, writing discipline, strategy, publishing and more. There are some good ideas here for writers who are just getting started.

The Author's Way

The Journey to Finding Your Voice

Jennifer Wright is a writer, consultant, and publisher with an interest in helping writers develop their skills. She has a great way of asking questions that inspire unique responses and really make you think about the craft of writing. An in-depth and enjoyable interview.

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No Code Wealth

with Abdulaziz Alhamdan

In this 30 minute interview I took a walk on the philosophical side with Abdulaziz, a fellow traveler and native of Libya who had just recently fled Kyiv as the Russian invasion began, and was recording from a warehouse in Romania.

The Wireless Way

with Chris Whitaker

This interview with Chris took me back to my first book, The Muleskinner and the Stars, to discuss the life of the astronomer Milton Humason and his unlikely ascendancy from cowboy to astronomer at age 30.  Following his bliss, he went on to partner with Edwin Hubble in the practical discovery of the Big Bang.

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